Jim Jaeckels is an amazing realtor who is is patient and attentive. He worked with my wife and I for the long term goal of finding the house that we wanted and that would fit us. Some people may want to purchase a house during a shorter period of time. Some have the flexibility to have a longer time period. We were lucky that we had ample to find a house. I found that, because we were aiming for the longer time period that our choices or wants sometimes changed or shifted. This means we wanted a realtor who would be willing to be patient, flexible and attentive to our needs. That person was Jim Jaeckels. He spent over a year helping us find the right place to settle down in. He is very knowledgeable and was flexible to help meet our needs in a timely manner. His attention to detail and attentiveness to our needs was exceptional. I would highly recommend Jim Jaeckels to anyone looking to buy a home. First time or again. He’s the way to go.

— Anbon